How to Have a House

Living with and understanding a home.

Old school brain, new school blog.

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Those of you who have followed me on my Jonas Brothers Inc. facebook page know how much I love houses. How much I love the families living in those houses and how I share my passion for those houses through pictures, videos and written word.  It’s almost impossible for me to resist comment when a house issue comes up.  My personality and character add to the whole thing making for a natural move to a blog format.  As many of you know I’ve written and presented a seminar called How to Have a House. It’s interactive, which means I’m not interested in lecturing, but instead prefer the joy of conversation. Plus, as the presenter of said seminar I get to stand in front of a crowd cracking jokes and have fun digging into what are often tough subjects concerning home ownership. This is my passion.  Let’s go.  I’ll be posting here regularly. I’ll bring photos, stories and videos illustrating the homes we all live in.  Join me. Invite your friends to join. This will be fun.

Author: Jonas

Working on private homes since 2000 has inspired me to share the experiences and challenges customers face. Homeowners and non-homeowners alike are encouraged to make choices reflecting their hearts and minds. Acting on these choices and the realities of time, money and lifestyle add confidence and peace to the lives of those living in these homes.

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