How to Have a House

Living with and understanding a home.

Getting old sucks. Or does it?

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How to Have a House

Went to an appointment today to visit a couple who have been regular customers for about 8 years.  We realized this when we reflected on the fact that the second time I worked on the house Bob told me he just turned 80.  That first couple years Fran would blow the car horn at me when she was trying to get out of the garage, she had no time for me or my “costly” maintenance on the house.  Bob’s an old Marine who was in banking for years and clearly managed his money well.  Eight years ago he was just thinking of selling his 40 foot power boat he kept on the Great Lakes. Bob’s always hangs  out at the back of the truck and chats it up while I drag ladders and tools in and out. I learn a lot about customers at the back of the truck.  Bob…

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Author: Jonas

Working on private homes since 2000 has inspired me to share the experiences and challenges customers face. Homeowners and non-homeowners alike are encouraged to make choices reflecting their hearts and minds. Acting on these choices and the realities of time, money and lifestyle add confidence and peace to the lives of those living in these homes.

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